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As the November lockdown begins, a reminder that Our Shop is open to serve the village seven days a week, keeping everyone supplied with a wide range of goods and services. Shopping locally benefits you, it benefits us and it benefits the environment. And if you're self-isolating or don't want to trek to the supermarket, don't forget that our Home Delivery service operates as usual, on Tuesdays and Fridays between 9 and 11. We may not have the same range as Tesco or Sainsbury's, but our friendly volunteers always deliver within an hour or two of your call! So phone us on 07776 903404 

 ‘By Far The Best PO in this Area’: Customers heap praise on Houghton and Wyton Post Office

The Post Office carried out a customer survey in July, asking for comments on local services. Here are a few responses:

“This shop and Post Office are amazing. It is owned by the community and the lady in the PO is super efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. She is by far the best PO in this area!”

“I am a gentleman of 87 years of age. Giorgia was extremely helpful and patient. I was delighted with the service. It’s a pleasure to go into the shop and Post Office.”

“Giorgia was extremely helpful and pleasant as I am new to the area and first time in the PO. She told me about places of local interest. She was very polite and took her time with me.”

“Our Postmistress Giorgia makes the use of the PO a delight on every visit because she is so efficient, helpful and friendly.”

“Giorgia is always helpful and has a great manner with customers. This local Post Office has always been an important and essential part of the village, even more so in this Covid 19 crisis.”

“The person who assisted me, whose name is Giorgia I believe, always seems to have the attitude that she is genuinely glad to see you. She is efficient, quick in providing service, fully knowledgeable regarding the technical aspects of her job and answers questions cheerfully as opposed to “Why are you taking up more of my time?” The word “delighted” is absolutely appropriate.”

Well done Giorgia!